""The Center of the Human Empire, Earth. Once a lush, calm world; it was devastated like much of it's over-expanding empire by the threat known as the Borg..."
The History of the Human Empire [src]

Planet Earth (Terra; Earth symbol.svg ) is the third planet from the Sun. It is the central symbol of the Humanity Empire and is considered it's capital. By human standards, Earth is considered to be a garden-planet.



Exhaustion of Resources


World War III

1249682764 1
As the governments of the world slowly dried the world of it's resources, numerous wars broke out.

War for the World


Establishing Earth Government


Recovery Process and the "150 Year Plan"


Earth Government


Earth Economy

The Earth Economic Center or "EEC" is the center of all Earth's economic and banking. Established five years after the end of the War for the World.

Earth Population


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