Earth is the capital of the Terran Confederacy in Future Imperfect and is the homeworld of the Terran/Human race.

Location: Solar System
Denomym Terran, Earthen
Rotation Period 24 Hours
Orbital Period 365 Days
Natural Satellites Luna


Until the first colony ships were launched, Earth suffered from severe overpopulation. However when the first colony ships were launched across the solar system, the population of Earth was drastically reduced to around 1.5 Billion. After the formation of the Confederacy, Earth was declared as the capitol and many wealthy Terrans began to move to the planet. As a result, the planet had become engulfed in a massive Ecumenopolis.

Geography and Climate


As of the 31st century, 6 out of the 7 of Earth's continents have become covered by gigantic megalopolis that reach out in almost every corner, together these megalopolises form an Ecumenopolis. Most of the Earth's mountains and deserts were terraformed in order to make room for the growing megalopolises. Many forests and jungles have been torn down, and all inland seas and lakes across the planet have been dried out leaving the Great Lakes, and Five Oceans as the only major bodies of water on the entire planet. Antarctica has also been untouched.


Thanks to advances in technology, the Earth's climate has been set to be dry planet wide, with warm and/or mild weather during the day and cool, clear nights.


Using advance pollution-reduction technologies, the majority of all pollution is collected in massive "Collectors" where they are blasted into space and sent to the sun to burn. Carbon on the other hand, is collected by large, genetically enhanced plants found in oxygen farms found across the planet.

Wealth and Life Quality

Earth is also notable for being the wealthiest planet in the entire Confederacy. Around 95.7% of the population of Earth is upper-class and wealthy, while the remaining percent is upper-middle class. Almost all of the population enjoys a life of wealth and excess.

Notable Places

Manhattan Ruins-The ruins of the biggest financial centers on the planet. Manhattan was destroyed during World War 3. The Ruins are only accessible by only the wealthiest and the Chancellor himself enjoys going on retreats at his private summer home located in Central Park.

The Chancellor's Palace-This massive superstructure, located in Europe, serves as the Chancellor's point of administration and power. It also serves as De'Vires' home. Next to it is the HQ of the government organizations created by him.

Confederate Senate Ruins-The ruins of what was once the home of the Confederate Senate, it was said to have been destroyed by Outer Colony terrorists.

Military Headquarters-The headquarters for the Confederate Military and all of it's branches. The Military Headquarters is located somewhere along the coast of the island of Britain.

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