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Charles I. Quincy Jr.


Chairman O. Johaan

Notable members



The Shard, London UK


Every national capital and major city

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Global Union

EcoIndustries is a massive international conglomerate founded in response to the Eurasian Climate Collapse in 2055. The Global Union tasked it with progressing technology in order to create more ways to reconstruct and basically progress human society with ecological benefits.

Basically a megacorporation with territory and paramilitary services, over half a trillion dollar market value and massive revenue. In the late 2060s it began creating 3 Manhattan/L.A. sized Utopias full of specialized high-tech appliances, as of 2075 21 million people reside in and benefit from the Utopian Foundation.

It is a common - but weak - argument whether EcoIndustries is a sophisticated and leading technology company or a advanced eco-friendly technologies, the Global Union as of 2075 has began calling it "Apple meets Environmetalist".


April 2, 2055, after 9 years of suffering devastating environmental crisis Eurasia asks the Global Union to devise a plan in order to help Eurasia and other parts of the world environmentally too. After 4, 7 hour long, spanning 5 weeks Union sessions take place, 100s of people devise the plan of creating EcoIndustries.

September 16, 2055. 5 months after the idea is fabricated, EcoIndustries is founded and given a multi-billion dollar budget to figure out how to resolve Eurasia crisis. With Europe suffering from excess radiation, 100s of truck-sizsd machines traverse Europe absorbing radiation and placing them in energy containers, Asia excess pollutants (Carbon DIoxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Methane, etc.) were collected and converted into multiple other materials (Carbon Dioxide = Carbon [Technologies] and O2, Ozone = Reconstructing the Ozone layer, Methane = Thermal energy for the power grid, etc.).

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