Biographical Information


Date of Birth


Date of Death


Physical Description





6 ft 2 in

Hair Color

Dark Grey

Eye Color


Psychic Ability


Personal Information

Haroldian Hegemony


Caroldian Temporal Programme (CTP)


Temporal Buzzer and Bioelectrogenic Apparatus

Fighting Styles

Melee and Ranged


Time Travel. Undercover Work, Lying, Mathematics and Romance


Temporal Hawk

Political Information
Position / Rank


Current Affiliation

Haroldian Temporal Agency (HTA)

OOC Information
Edward or Agent AC354 is an enigmatic Temporal Agent who captured Professor Amanda F. Charlotte in order to prevent Caroldian Temporal Agents from discovering how to create temporal technology, unfortunately failing.

Edward is not Agent AC354s real name, it is as he said "The closest 21st century surname to my 23rd century surname."


Not much is known about Edward, although information about his history is thrown around time after time, sadly most has been identified as rumors and incredible (although many temporal agents have their history obliterated).

Edward was born on Earth in 2234, 5 years before the Temporal War destroyed earth and 7.6 billion humans. This would make him 32.

Edward did mention having a brother, although the manner he stated that makes it hard to figure if he was truthful.

Edward did have a son, he died 5 months before he meet Professor Charlotte, the side effects of his loss remain, as he has intermittent symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. It is unknown what happened to Mrs. Edwards although it is believed she was a Temporal Agent too, and from there on the familial status of Edwards comes clear.

Edward entered the HTA in 2264 and had experienced 87 missions spanning a period of nearly 6 centuries. He had experienced traumatic events (attempting to prevent the Terra Incident and the Hindenburg), but since the Anti-Depression and Psychological technologies were advanced during these missions, PTSD was a thing of the past.

Edward was tasked with rescuing Professor Charlotte 2 months prior, but since severity of the situation was classified as Parlous, intense although short-term special ops and heavy duty training had to be placed on Edwards to do list.

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