The Emperor's Sword, also known as the Sword of Straxus, was a sword wielded by the emperors of Xaron and one of the holiest relics of the Xaronese religion. The sword was created in 12 BXE from meteoric metal ore by the Lady of Lake Jessad on the behest of Straxus the Terrible, then the King of Udrek. Straxus the Terrible believed the meteor was sent by the sun god Xaryas as a symbol of divine favor and a mandate to spread his dominion throughout the known world. With the Emperor's Sword by his side, Straxus the Terrible founded the Holy Xaronese Empire and eventually passed it on to his son Draxus the Preserver after his death in 33 XE. The Emperor's Sword traditionally resided in the Shrine of the Sword in the Imperial Palace.

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