Used by: Nathan Legend, Winona Dove, and Lucas Rush


The Energy Gauntlets is one of the Mystical Artifacts that gives the user the ability to fire energy blasts. The amount of stamina Nathan has is equal to how many energy blasts he can execute. It can also be well used with visual Mystical Artifacts like the Trace Visor to shoot targets that are very far away or in some places that are hard to see.

Level 2 Energy Gauntlets

After the Energy Gauntlets were damaged by Zeta, it was being repaired and upgraded Level 2 Energy Gauntlets. The Gauntlets reached up all the way to the user's elbows. At first they were useless when Nathan was unable to fire any energy blasts against Ray, since the left gauntlet can't fire any enrgy blasts without the right gauntlet. But it was still useful by itself by gathering energy to shape as weapons like spiked gloves, energy shields, and an energy sword for close-range combat.

Inside the volcano of Dragon's Peak, Nathan fought against the Dragon God, Hoshi. And after defeating it, Nathan's Energy Gauntlets absorbed Hoshi's remaining spirit energy which made the gauntlets transform into the Dragon Scale Energy Gauntlets.

Attacks by Nathan Legend

Good Morning Punches: Nathan makes the gauntlets glow bright and executes a barrage of punches and finishes with an uppercut that resembles the sun. Also a rooster crow is heard.

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