The star Epsilon Eridani (locally known as Fe'l in Tomb'eyū) is the home system of Ki'sa, where all of its economy, military and population is concentrated since they haven't expanded to other systems. The system is home to one Garden-type planet and another semi-habitable planet (being terraformed by the ki'sa), a unique feature not yet observed in any other system.

A common view when arriving to the system by the mainstream travel route.

The system is home to 10.1 billion Ki'sa.

The following planets and moons concentrates almost all of the activities in the system:

  • Rakkuuna 9.5 billion aliens tread the surface of the rich planet
  • Pa´lvin Rakkuuna's biggest moon is home to main communications and military facilities and to 7 million ki'sa.
  • Kyro-ta The planet is the twin of Rakkuuna: has a gravity field similar to it and an stable near-to-warm temperature although isn't as near as Rakkuuna to their home star; the planet achieves it with an even richer in heavy metals core, endowing the planet with a rich volcanic activity that warms the planet and creates fertile lands. The planet is being terraformed but it already has a population of 300 million

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