"We rule the world, neither law or rule of law have any real act on their own matters. All international groups act as private think-tanks to ensure the assimilation of minorities to the world peace movement, and the elimination of any factor that stands up to challenge our private interests. Once all the nations crumble, and all the gullible masses are without their own means of protection, only by then will they submit to our world authority, and they will worship the very forces that have well-played out our pawns in the game." -Evelin Bishop

Evelin Bishop is one of the central antagonists in Toward Starlight's End and serves as the primary archenemy against Sarah. Evelin is an ultra-wealthy baroness and business magnate, owner of the reviled, but all-powerful Evecorp, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Evelin Bishop was born from a wealthy family dynasty during the Industrial Age in the mid-1700s, to this day, the Bishop family has been established as one of the most wealthy families and have contributed to world development and financed for international cooperation. Evelin Bishop is also a board member of the Council on Intergalactic Relations, and a promoter of globalization.

Personality and traits


Evelin Bishop is inspired by Diana from the V miniseries and will be likely based on the appearance likeness of Jane Badler. Evelin is also compared with Lex Luthor from the Superman and DC Universe comics.

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