Evictor-class Star Dreadnought
Production Information

Nitomian Orbital Shipyards

Product Line



Type I


Star Dreadnought


Unknown (estimated at 115,000,000 credits)

Technical Specifications

9.2 kilometers


1.9 kilometers


1.5 kilometers

Engine Units

Tri-Core Supercharged Plasma Drive "Trinity" Mk. III

Drive Range

Able to travel 3,600 light years before refuel


Yes (super-heavy class)


Extremely strong - ten-feet of unknown metal alloy

Navigation Systems

Navigation Officer or AI construct

  • 6 High-powered forward-firing plasma ejectors
  • 4 turret-mounted high-powered plasma ejectors
  • 120 point-defense plasma cannons
  • 280 concussion missile launchers
  • 200 Rihkxyrk Assault Fighters
  • 120 Inexpugnable Assault Bombers (able to be armed with advanced nuclear warheads)
  • 150 Praetor Ground transorts
Docking Bays



Roughly 170,000

Minimum Crew

1,000 (or several dozen skilled AI constructs)


Able to carry enough basic provisions for full crew and ground force for 12 months

  • Heavy anti-capital ship
  • Flagship
  • Carrier

Unity of the Core Worlds (Imperial Navy of the Unity)

OOC Information


The Evictor-class Star Dreadnought was a massive flagship built and produced to serve in the Unity of the Core Worlds' naval armada. When it was first revealed to UEG forces, it showed the overwhelming power and strength of the Unity of the Core Worlds.

The class's lead ship, the Evictor, was laid down in late November 2405. At about 60% completion, however, news was received that a large UEG fleet was heading straight for Nitomia. Knowing that if the ship stayed any longer, it would be destroyed, several hundred space tugs, along with five frigates, three cruisers and a carrier pulled the half-finished Evictor away from Nitomia's gravity well and into slipspace, toward a present-day unknown world deep in Unity space.

Upon it's completion after the war, sometime in late September 2406, it was commissioned as flagship of the Unity's fleet and was commanded by Imperial Admiral Xox. Up until 2409 it was the only Evictor-class ship in the armada, until two more of the dreadnoughts were laid down for commissioning.

Even alone, the Evictor-class was able to destroy a large UEG battlegroup of about 30 ships. It's ground complement - nearly an entire infantry corps with armor and other elements - would easily be able to take over an enemy ground installation in just hours. This was compared to nearly fifty human ships containing the same amount of soldiers and tanks.

Known Ships

The following is a compiled list of the total number of Evictor-class warships built so far, in order of construction and commissioning. The commander of the vessel follows the ship's name.

  • Evictor - Imperial Admiral Xox
  • Magistrate - Imperial Admiral Referum
  • Nitomia's Pride - Imperial Admiral Horamini
  • Verunum - Fleet Admiral Borga'ta
  • Unknown Ship 005 (TBC)
  • Unknown Ship 006 (TBC)

Fate of the Class

The majority of the Evictor dreadnoughts that were constructed were still in active service throughout the Second War of Continuation. However, only one has ever been known to have been destroyed and/or lost to combat or maintenance issues. The Magistrate was the flagship of the Unity's fleet during the battle in orbit of the jungle world of Bergruda IV. After the ship's shields had been downed by intensive and extremely heavy PT cannon fire, Imperial Admiral Referum attempted to ram a UEG carrier (the USN Reno) using the emergency thrusters of his mighty flagship. However, the Reno quickly dodged with her own emergency thrusters, pouring several PT rounds ploughing through the shattered hull of the Magistrate. Having been severely crippled and about to be overrun by closing in UEG ships, Referum ordered the ship to be scuttled and - as the remainder of the crew escaped using the pods located near the bridge - committed suicide with his own royal short blade, going down with the ship.

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