Falcon Guard
General information

Aidan Pryde





Historical information

2685 AD

Other information

Calandrian Empire

The Falcon Guard was founded in 2419 during the Second Calandrian-Rulor War. It originally consisted of 50% Calandrian patriots and 50% Kilrathian volunteers. The Falcon Guard offered their services to the Calandrian Empire, and fought many battles during those 58 years. Since then the Falcon Guard has served under Calandrians, Kilrathians, Atlantians and Theran.

Anyone can become a member of the Falcon Guard, as long as they have a MAU and are approved by the unit commander.

The unit consists of 100 MAUs divided into companies of ten, each of which is divided into squadrons of three.

The Falcon Guard are currently deployed in the Xiros sector, in a campaign against the Shammatans.

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