The Federation of Allied Systems (FAS) was formed in 1017gs, to consolidate Laikor and Xurian interests into one interstellar government. At the time of its formation the Ankul System, the Androm System, the Zhen System, the Srom System and the Raq System were Federal planets, making the FAS population predominantly Laikor. In the 11th century, the FAS experienced a period of rapid economic boom placing the FAS economy ahead of the Druogs'. There was a lot of debate over which species should hold the most political power and the Xurians had threatened to leave the Federation if Xurians weren't properly represented. Despite common political fallout, the FAS was able to maintain a stable, if short existence. Though a peaceful nation at its time, the FAS fought in the First Federal-Imperial War against the Druog Empire, resulting in a Druog victory and dissent throughout all Federal star systems. When the War ended in 2064gs, the FAS was all but destroyed. Druog influence loomed heavily outside the shrinking border of the Federation and Federal officials were unable to properly repair the economy. In 2100 the FAS effectively collapsed when the Srom and Raq systems withdrew from the Federation. A short war ensued which resulted in the collapse of the Federation and the formation of the Xurian Republic (II).

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