Chapter 1

It rained again, though nobody notices.

Bob continues to walk down the streets, trying to ignore the yelling of vendors, the hum of floating cars, and the water dripping from his hair. He sees a man being beaten by peacekeepers, he walked away like everyone else. It was not long that the rain stopped, leaving the city in a haze of humidity, blended with the presistant smog.

He finally stopped at a Greek restaurant, and went inside after pulling the wet handles of the door. The inside was contrasting to the outside, it's air warm with food than being cold with acid rain, and it's decors well placed, unlike the urban mess outside. A male waiter with a old touch pad walked towards him.

"Hello, sir," the waiter said, "we are full right now, so you'll have to wait."

"Actually, I'm here to meet someone," Bob replied.

"Alright sir, which table?"

"He said it was private room number 2."

"Right this way, sir,"

The waiter led Bob to the private rooms, often used by those who value their privacy and drug dealers.

"Here we are," the waiter said, "room 2."

"Thank you, would you come inside? He said we'd order when I arrive."


The two entered the private suite, and encountered a man sitting at the table. The man seems suprised by his guest.

"Who are you? Don't you know this room is booked?" The man said.

"Uh, pardon? I though he was your guest." The waiter calmly replied.

Bob reached inside his coat and retrieved his refurbished glock pistol. With a swift motion, he aimed at the waiter's head and fired. The explosive bullet spread the shattered pieces of the waiter's skull on the granite floor, and blood from his carotid artery painted the room. His headless body feel on the table.

The man sitting at the table screamed, and dread was visable on his face. The private room was able to block out any sound, giving full privacy to it's users.

"w-wwwhat do you want, my friend," the man said with tremor, "there's no need for violence, now."

Without hesitation, Bob aimed at the man and fired, again, and again, until his torso and head was gone.

Bob walked out the room, slipped pass the front cashier saying that he was just using the bathroom. The cashier scrowled, and Bob was gone.

The netcast in the evening reported that an execution took place, the bodies were not identified.

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