Political information
Type of government


Head of State

Victoire Firmin


Campion Pierre

Societal information


Official language



French Dollar

Historical information
Formed from

French Fifth Republic

Date of establishment


The Frankish Republic or sometimes known as the French Sixth Republic or the Republic of Frankia is the republic that governs 15 planets in the Horash System and 3 planets in the Drenich System. It's capitol city is Espoirville on the planet of Patrie.



The Frankish Republic was founded in 2051 at the collapse of the "Old World" Shortly after founding the government left Earth for space and settled in the Horash System, eventually spreading to the Drenich System were they got into a war with the Slavic Federation.

Modern (2231-2279)

In 2231 the Frankish Republic sent out three different expeditions to three different planets and their moons in the Drenich System. The system for the most part had been colonized by the Slavic Federation, who didn't take kindly to them coming. They eventually went to war that is ongoing.

Social Information

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List of Planets Governed

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