Future Imperfect is a science fiction universe created by Seth Cronin. Set in the late 31st century, Future Imperfect shows a dark vision of the future where humanity is under the tyranical rule of a dictator.

Plot Summary

Galaxy Map

Political map featuring the primary nations colored with minor powers represented in white.

In the future, the Terran Confederacy (territory shown in blue) has become the supreme superpower of the Milky Way Galaxy under it's extreme totalitarian dictatorship, through years of rapid industrialization, militarization and colonization. Over the course of the last twenty years, the Outer Colonies (shown in light blue) after suffering years of political oppression by it's former government, have broken off from the Confederacy and have begun a war against it's opressive government, effectively throwing the Terran/Human race into a Civil War. Most of the Rebels have allied themselves with three alien races, the aquatic Beldea (territory in teal), the elf-like Eldain (territory shown purple), and the strange yet very intelligent Gaulask (shown in yellow). This alliance is also known as the Freedom Alliance, which aims to overthrow the Terran Confederacy's tyrannical dictator. To the west of the Terran Confederacy lies the Gikudon Empire (shown in red), a race of aggressive reptilian warriors, and their allies the Anzar. Near the core of the galaxy is the Ogar (shown in grey). Among them, exsist many minor powers (represtened in white). Other factions include Space Pirates, Arachnian Nomads, and the Andromedan Crusaders.

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