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Infantry Weapons

  • M490 Plasma Rifle
  • M615c Assault Pistol
  • M351 Covert Assault Rifle
  • M324 Sniper Rifle

Starship Weapons

  • M3370 Torpedo
  • M4910 Plasma Torpedo
  • MX3200 Class 1 Pulse Laser
  • MX3434 Quantum Plasma Cannon
  • MX4545 Quantum Quark-Gluon Plasma Cannon
  • MX3454 Virtual Particle Beam

Orbital Defense Weapons

  • Quantum Plasma Cannon

Planetary Defense Weapons


Super Weapons

Vehicle Mounted Weapons

Space & Weather Warfare

  • Legion Lighting Generator
  • Tarantula Earthquake Generator
  • Nexus Blackhole Generator

Hyper Dimensional Weapons

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