Here is a list of all the Galactic Pangaeain Empire Systems

  1. Pangaeain System
  2. Jupiter Centuari System
  3. Vars System
  4. Triber System
  5. Indus System
  6. Mars System
  7. Alpha Mars System
  8. Beta Centurai System
  9. Alpha Prime System
  10. Aries Prime System
  11. Jericho System
  12. Beta Prime System
  13. Theta Centuari System
  14. Theta Prime System
  15. Aries Centuari System
  16. Pluto Beta Prime System
  17. Pluto Centurai System
  18. Arrakas Prime System
  19. Delta Centuari System
  20. Echo Delta System
  21. Athens Aries System
  22. Trannous System
  23. Tyrannous System
  24. Alkaline Prime System
  25. Gamma Centuari System
  26. Centuari System
  27. Eta Centurar System
  28. Aurora Prime System
  29. Gwendolyn Prime System
  30. Gwen System
  31. Benjamin Prime System
  32. Ben Centuari System
  33. Thomas Centuari System
  34. Tommy Prime System
  35. Williamson Prime System
  36. Trannous Centuari System
  37. Tyrannous Centuari System
  38. Lauren Prime System
  39. Lo Centuari System
  40. Juniper Prime System
  41. Emma Centauri System
  42. Emily Centauri System
  43. Jessica Prime System
  44. Kate centuari System
  45. Yersinia Pestis System
  46. Cryptosporidum Pestis System
  47. Yersinia Pseudptuberculosis System
  48. Schistosomiasis Mansoni System

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