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"People used to think this war could just end, but humanity has finally learned to let go of such delusions."
—Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar, 5080 XE.


Dates: 4614 XE - Ongoing

Location: Galaxy-wide


Axis Pact

League Militant

Leaders and Commanders

Axis Leaders

  • Ganjiaxes VIII
  • Rojixus tal Shiar
  • Adrik Derevan
  • Iryzabrea II
  • Riyon III
  • Corgan Ossis
  • Averon V
  • Yen Hykosa

League Leaders

  • Isev Iost
  • Harrik Perun
  • Hinrad Perun
  • Halkor IX
  • Hypolita XI
  • Huizicozuna II
  • Prince Teohacan of Cielagon
  • Mierra Torrek
  • Belsaryo Venetor

The Galactic War, also known as the Great Cataclysm, the Age of Wrath, the Long War, the Reckoning, the Great War, or the War of Galactic Supremacy, was a large-scale conflict that began in 4614 XE and involved most of the nations of the Teggedon Spiral. The war was a culmination of centuries of arms-races, secret alliances, and mutual racial hatreds that resulted in the deaths of trillions by 4664 XE.


The origin of the Galactic War laid with the assassination of the heir to the Celegonian throne during an unofficial state visit to Hallusar in 4614 XE. The outraged Celegonian Emperor demanded extraordinary reparations from the Star Kingdom of Hallusar. The Hallusarians, bolstered by the Xaronese and Khorellians, refused to pay the reparations. In retaliation, the Celegonians declared war on the Hallusarians, setting off a chain reaction of war declarations that eventually engulfed all the great powers of the Teggedon Spiral.

Notable Battles

  • First Siege of Hallusar
  • First Battle of Cairshek
  • First Battle of Jion
  • Second Battle of Jion
  • Third Battle of Jion
  • Battle of Idessa
  • Siege of Selukar
  • Battle of Wulgaru Prime
  • Operation Red Dawn

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