It was in the late 21st Century that Mankind began to step out onto the galactic stage.

In the year 2071, on the heels of World War III, with an uneasy truce existing on Earth, interplanetary vessels of the Allied powers made contact with a Peridjinn scout vessel. The Peridjinn gave the Humans warp technology and helped to unite the fractured Earth, which finally did, but only after a fourth world war ravaged the planet.

Once united, the new Earth Union became a prominent member on the galactic scene. In a galaxy that was, like old Earth, divided by greed and distrust. But, the galaxy would need to learn to work together it is to overcome an ancient threat from the Triangulum Galaxy.

Notable Races

  • Darkkons = Naturally exist in gaseous form with the ability to shape-shift. They were originally from the Triangulum Galaxy, but 300 million years ago, they fled to an extra-dimensional realm to escape the crossfire of a war.
  • Draconians = Bare a striking similarity with the dragons of Earthen myth. They grow to an average of 40 feet with a wingspan of 90 and covered in smooth scale that range from golden to brown. Males (called "kings") sport cranial horns, which females ("queens") lack. The vertabral spines on males are also more pronounced than on females. They are telepathic/empathic, but they must be within line-of-sight.
  • Dresnik = insect-like; their homeworld was destroyed by war in 2178.
  • Humans (Earthens) = Humans from the planet Earth.
  • Humans (Orians) = Humans from Oria, a planet remarkably similar to Earth on the far side of the Beta Quadrant, 100 years behind Earth Humans technologically.
  • Malcons = A humanoid species with thick, gray hide and boney, cranial ridges rise over the eyes around the sides of the head and down to form the ears. Females have white hair covering the head between the ridges.
  • Norseen = Lizard-like. Copper-tinted eyes with brown scale in males have brown scale and green in females. Females have pouches that open in the floor of the mouth, under the tongue, where they carry their hatchlings.
  • Peridjinn = Amphibious humanoids. Their homeworld contains an atmosphere of methane, sulfur, and carbon dioxide, but they are able to process oxygen, either from air or filtered through water. The Peridjinn were the first (official) alien contact made by Humans of Earth.
  • Phantoms = Much of their appearance is unknown, as they keep themselves shrouded whenever encountered.
  • Sagans = Beings of energy with the ability to shape-shift. They are the oldest race known.

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