"I thought Gallomaxus Kevor was just some naive farm boy in over his head the first time I met him. But to see him in action...he has the blood of a dragon running through his veins!"
Merixus e Jiorexus tal Jessad

Gallomaxus e Radamaxes Kevor was the chief security officer of HIXMS Oriflamme first under Captain Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar and later under Captain Monaxus e Britaxis Dakar. A Xaronese native of Ruixoan II, Kevor was inspired by the illustrious history of his homeworld to join the Imperial Navy as a marine. Many were fooled by his thick colonial accent and enthusiasm for his work into believing Gallomaxus Kevor was an unintelligent brute. However, Kevor often displayed a ruthless cunning that served him well in his career.

Early life

Gallomaxus e Radamaxes Kevor was born at the Kevor family farm on Ruixoan II in 4004 XE, the seventh child of Radamaxes e Iskandriaxis Kevor and Feraxa ei Ventaxes Liis. Kevor was descended from the first Xaronese settlers of Ruixoan II. From an early age, Gallomaxus Kevor dreamed of becoming an officer in the Marine Legion.

Academy years

In 4022, Kevor became the first in his family to be accepted into the Imperial Naval Academy on Xaron as a result of both his academic and athletic skills.

Early service history

Kevor's first assignment after graduating from the academy was in the 501st Marine Legion.

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