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Galtrax is a galaxy located in the Eridanus Cluster, a local group of galaxies 23 million-lightyears away from the Milky Way galaxy. Galtrax is approximately 120-130 kilo-lightyears (kly) in diameter and 1 kly in thickness. Galtrax is a barred spiral galaxy with a super-massive black hole at its center. Containing approximately 500 billion stars, the oldest remaining star is 15 billion years old and is a red dwarf. There are around 300 billion planets ranging the 7 different planetary classifications. Celestial bodies orbit the center at nearly 200 kilometers a second. the galaxy as a whole moves at nearly 1000 kilometers a second and is predicted to collide with the near by galaxy Perteeth.

The name Galtrax was given to the Galaxy by Lord Eldrin who named it after his former master. the galaxy is particularly known to be the home of the Trayshal system, among plenty of other important systems.

Solar Systems

Galtrax has approximately 50 billion Systems with a sun and planet(s). The most notable systems include: Trayshal. -list not yet complete-

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