Ganthor is a desolate dimension which serves as the setting for Farlands. It is the home of an alien civilization which has been invaded by humanity.


Ganthor, being an alternate reality, is a place where conventional physics is not fully applied. The dimension is composed of a series of islands floating in a void. The void is permeated by Aether, a gaseous substance which (presumably) contains oxygen. Ganthor had succumbed to an entropic event long ago that caused it to turn into an infinite "ocean" of rock and Aether. The Aether maintains a constant temperature and permeates light, but occasionally, gravitational vortices form and condense parts of the Aether into star-like spheres, generating brighter light and more heat, also resulting in weather systems that erode the islands. Differentiating concentration gradients of certain components of the Aether causes coloration differences in the sky.

Gravity is normally downwards due to a massive singularity point affecting the entire dimension.  The presence of exomatter in the islands causes magnetic fields and can repulse islands that are attracting towards each other, preventing collisions.  The exomatter fields also stabilize the islands in their position.


An overwhelming majority of the original lifeforms that inhabited Ganthor were driven to extinction by the Entropic Cataclysm. The remainder barely survived, and are used by the aliens as guinea pigs for their own experiments. Majority of the wildlife on Ganthor is the result of escaped genetic experiments by the aliens.

The Cykrons are at the bottom of the food chain, feeding on whatever organic material they come across. The Cykrons are the staple diet of the rest of the lifeforms. Pack hunting Reavers and aggressive Terrorteeth occupy niches of lower carnivores, along with the Dive-rays. Larger predators include the awesome Leozard and the Hydra. Some of the more unusual creatures are the rare Chameleosaur and Hadshaws.

The flora are also engineered by the aliens. Spike Trees can reach heighs of up to 30 metres, and are mainly used for hard lumber. Elastic Webvines are used to span gaps and are usable as "doors". The aliens use a variety of glowing plants as light sources. A well-known defensive plant is the Sporeshroom, using its explosive projectiles as a form of defense and reproduction.

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