"You can question Garrovixus's sanity, many have over the years, but you cannot question his valor. His blood may not be Xaronese, but his heart is."
Alarixus e Thraxus tal Shiar

Prince Garrovixus e Maegorixus e Gharlaxis tal Thrale was the captain of HDS Gate of Zedan. Prince Garrovixus was a member of Thrallian royal family and was an avid fan of Xaronese culture. Thrale modeled much of his behavior on the protagonists of the Xaronese historical dramas he was highly fond of. Despite his highly eccentric behavior, the Thrallian prince was a highly competent starship commander and had a highly charismatic personality that enthralled Xaronese and non-Xaronese alike.

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