These are drawings that have been brought to life by being covered with radioactive bacteria. They all possess one or two special moves for attacking, or 'tactics'. One tactic is Uglyopteryx's Vile Squawk, where it unleashes an awful shriek that both deafens and installs nausea in the target. In times of stress, most of them can change into as many as three other forms, each of a stronger level than the last. The levels are: Original, Advanced, Deluxe and Supreme. A few can combine with another to become a new, single being: this is called Morphmerging. Strangely, these 'Morphmerged' germies do not have any of the four levels. Some of the Germies are Ammorat, Circuit-bonce, and Slashfink. All germies belong to one or two of sixteen different kinds known as varieties,these may change when the germie transforms or morphmerges. The varieties are: 1 Saurian; these look like reptiles,including dragons 2 Airborne; these are anything with wings 3 Blade-Wielding; They use swords, axes and sometimes huge claws 4 Wet; they resemble fish and other water dwelling creatures 5 Foliage; these look like trees, flowers and bushes 6 Person; they look almost like real people with various differences 7 Invertabrate; these look like insects, molluscs and arthropods 8 Hot; they use fire,ash and smoke to attack 9 Bestial; these resemble many species of animal 10 Frost-Bite; they use ice and snow to attack 11 Stone; most of them have bodies made of rock, soil and gravel 12 Cyborg; they are at least half creature, half machine 13 Bizzare; these look so odd that they defy description 14 Robotic; they are mechanical, electrical and clockwork 15 Deceased; they look like zombies, ghosts and vampires 16 Evil-Twin; resembling germies of other varieties, they have a cruel disposition.

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