Gersprum is a chemical element with atomic number 28s, symbol Gr. It is an orange translucent liquid and is a room temperature superconductor. It is used in fast electronic circuits, inserted into plastic tubing to create superconducting wires which can be used as superconducting magnets from particle accelerators to maglev trains. Since the discovery of lithuride, however, most of its applications are being replaced as lithuride is a solid which is easier to be processed.



At standard room temperature and pressure, gersprum is an orange translucent liquid. It boils at 332.82 K (59.67 °C, 139.41 °F) and freeze at 8.92 K (−264.23 °C, −443.61 °F).

Due to its m charge, gersprum has a high critical temperature of 333.26 K and critical current of 10MA, thus it is the only known superconductor which can remain superconducting in the gas phase.


Gesprum is relatively inert and only two compounds are known.

Gesprum oxide (GrO2): White solid, no applications besides research.

Gersprum chloro hyride (GrClHr): Aquamarine powder, release a lot of heat (exothermic) when dissolve in water.


Gersprum has a number of naturally occurring isotopes and many known radioisotopes. One important isotope is the radioisotope 71sGr which is a sα source. Another one is 27sGr which is the first mass hybrid nuclei found with a –stutineutron.


Gersprum is mainly found in the form of GrO2 on terrestrial planets in the A-L universe.

Gersprum also exist in the form of rivers, lakes and oceans on Magnetia, which its superconductivity is responsible for the unusually intense magnetic fields and static discharge throughout the planet.

Trace of gersprum was detected on Eridia.

In the standard universe, gersprum loses its m charge and becomes nickel.


Discovered by Messimer Rufu in 1963 when he obtained a white powder which he thought was potassium chloride and electrolysed it, which give orange fumes with orange droplets at the edge of the electrolytic cell.


Gersprum is produced mainly by electrolysis of its molten oxide from its ore.

Biological role

Gersprum is a micronutrient and is needed in trace amounts for lodorians. It has no biological role and does not cause any adverse effects when consumed by humans.


Elemental gersprum

Gersprum is poured into plastic tubing to be used as superconducting wires in some power plants but are largely replaced by lithuride which is a solid and there will be no leakages.

Gersprum is also used to make fast circuits.

The higher critical current of gersprum than lithuride makes it an ideal power storage device combined with a :::: container with virtually no power lost.

27sGr is mainly used in research related to negative mass particles.

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