The Gaia Rewilding Initiative for Pre-Holocene Restoration, which led to the 22nd century Global Cooling Event was the final man-made attempt at preempting a full-scale ecological disaster on the planet Earth. The Initiative was a resounding success as it was used to cool the temperatures of the planet back to pre-Industrial Age norms and end climate change. After a few hundred years, the planet Earth returned to a state more consistent with pre-technological levels. However, human recolonization of the Earth was impossible at this time as the species was no longer located within the Solar System. Several hundreds of thousands of years later, the crew of the Phoenix visited the Solar System only to discover much of the system abandoned. Though plant and animal life had returned to thrive on the Earth's surface uninterrupted by human activity, they discovered evidence of a descendant of an arboreal genus was beginning to develop sufficient technology. While in-system, they found the only remaining form of advanced intelligent life in the Solar System, Minni. She revealed to the crew that she was the one who orchestrated the creation of the Wormhole Network, the reprogramming of the Starmaker and the rebirth of the human race.

OPERATION: TABULA RASA, “Clean slate.” Mega-geoengineering project to freeze the planet Earth and restore balance to the planet’s ecosystem as a way of curtailing climate change. The project was to lead to a rewilding project after the ice melted to managable point. The only downside is that humanity must remain off-Earth for at least 250 years. The nations and supernations of Earth dedicated themselves to a relocation movement to orbital, planetary and subterranean colonies. The defacto world government in the Earth Confederation/Congress has become largely ineffective and incompetent while the star nations of Luna and Mars rise to wield increasingly more power on the interplanetary stage. Originally proposed in the 2070s, the project was given serious discussion in the 2080s and enacted in the 2090s with mass migrations taking place and by the dawn of the 22nd century humanity completed the project. (2103~)

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