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Liberation front




General Marcus O'Brien

Notable members





Every National Capital in Eurasia, North and Souh America

Historical information


Other information
The Global Liberation Front (GLF) is a multinational military alliance and successor of NATO. It was founded in 2022 in response to the Global Cold War and Taured threat.

It consists of a majority of every national military personnel excluding North Korea, Philippines, Central Asia, Iraq, Southeast Asia, Iran and every neutral nation. Containing at least 6 million people


The Global Liberation Front was formed in 2022 as a successor to NATO in response to The Uprising and its subsequent proxy wars and events.

At first its only military forces were the armies and equipment NATO had but as the threat and abilities of Taured became more profound dozens of nations began joining.

The Global Liberation Front was lead by General Marcus O'brien since 2022 and had received 2 promotions and 8 awards. The GLF nearly suffered a leadership after the 4th real scandal within the GLF was publicized and millions of people called for a new leader.

In 2024 the Taured invasion of Spain commenced, the GLF was mobilized at numbers estimated at 50000-70000 persons. The invasion was eventually stopped after 4 months.

The Global Liberation Front and Taured had no conflict until 2026 when Shanghai was attacked by high-power Taured drones, the fact that 3 skyscrapers collapsed and 5 other buildings were partially destroyed caused it to be the biggest act of terror and war in history. The Chinese government responded in becoming the most recent addition to the GLF and adding on millions of members. Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Taiwan and Japan (for technolof

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