Guangzhou 2
View of downtonw Guangzhou from a Foshan skyscraper.
City Population 39,143,800 inh
Macropolitan Area 79,003,000 inh
Language Mandarin
Governor Jianhua Poltavchenko
Demonym Cantonese

Guangzhou (Chinese: 广州; Mandarin pronunciation: [kwɑ̀ŋʈʂóʊ̯]), is located in the Province of Guangdong in the Chinese Federation.

Guangzhou is the richest and biggest city in the country; it is also the biggest city in human controlled space, with more than 39 million inhabitants and more than 79 million inhabitants in its macropolitan area.

Guangzhou is located in the delta of Pearl River, a large delta at the south of the federation. It was founded as as Panyu in 206 BC. The city was hit hard by super stomrs during most of the XXI century.

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