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"The galaxy can only be made safe for Technocracy when the last xeek is dead! As long as I draw breath, I will be a calamity on the Xaronese race!"
—Harrik Perun

Harrik "The Calamity" Jostam Perun, was a general in the United Technates Pacification Force during the Galactic War and father of Hossk and Hinnrad Perun. A fanatical believer in the Technocratic Paradigm, Harrik Perun had an intense racial hatred of the Xaronese that was the product of a millennium of mutual antipathy between the United Technates Federation and the Celestial Xaronese Empire.


Harrik Jostam Perun was born in 4958 XE on the planet Salyor IV to Haddrin Perun and Magda Bogatyr. Harrik Perun was inculcated from an early age to despise the Xaronese for both their general brutality in the Great Patriotic War as well as for the dramatic decline in the Perun family's political status brought about by said war.

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