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Impossible Programming Enterprises

It is an Impossible Programming Development Software product.
To program is impossible, anyway.

The HebeScript is a simple scripting language that lets to make little applets to the Hera operating System (see Hera Virtual Machine). It is based in the Parnassus language.

A common example is how to copy a file to any enabled floopy.

It has the CommonSystem library preloaded, and it does not have a App object, so it does not need a "When = True" main method.

if get IsEnoughSpaceIndisk with "a:\";or "b:\"
 call copyFile with PublicArg-1 with (get IsEnabled with  with "a:\";or "b:\") And get use PublicArg-1:FileObject using FileName

PublicArg are the parameters that receives the script.

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