Hetzcra III was an Israeli Spy satellite created in 5060 A.D. and launched into low altitude elliptic orbit by Israel in 5061. Hetzcra III was the third in a series of satellites known as the 'Hetzcra' Program, a joint project between the Israeli Space Agency and the Israeli Intelligence Agency, Mossad, to develop space technology to assist with intelligence gathering. Hetzcra III was improved further than Hetzcra I and II, currently in orbit, with the ability to capture real time images of the Surface of Earth and being able to pick up every single last specific detail.

The Hetzcra Program was originally created back in 5058 A.D. after it became evident Iranian Intelligence Agents were spying on the Israel Space Agency. After a brief war in which Israel bombing several Iranian nuclear reactors and shuttles, the need for up to date intelligence on Israel's hostile neighbour became evident. Hetzcra I officially launched into Orbit a year later in 5059 with poor results. The satellite imaging failed after two weeks leaving the satellite worthless. Hetzcra II was more successful. After another year of research the newly improved spy satellite provided vital intelligence to the Israeli government, but the need for real time images to overcome Iranian tactics that tricked Mossad agents (such as the building of fake nuclear complexes) became stronger, which led to the development of Hetzcra III.

Hetzcra Incident

In 5062 the satellite was shot out of space by an apparent Atmospherical Targeting Laser while orbiting over the Middle East, an event that would soon become known as the Hetzcra Incident and set off a space arms war. The ATL is a prohibited weapon by international treaties, clearly breaking international agreement to not weaponize space. The subsequent investigation as to the source of the weapon and which nation possessed it overshadowed any anger over Israeli spying on Iran. Israel accused Iran of firing the weapon, claiming that the Iranian regime was provided with the skematics and technology from China, a claim both nations viciously denied. China is the only nation known to possess technology similar to an ATL, lacking enough power to shoot down a satellite though and only having enough to correct Chinese satellites that go off orbit.

The immediate response of many nations was to condemn the attack and an international investigation conducted by the United Nations set out to find the perpetrator. Iran and China refused to cooperate with the investigation leading to suspicion that they one of the two or both had developed space weapons. This led to an immediate 'Arms Race', beginning when reports leaked that Israel was fitting it's shuttles with shielding technology and weapons to protect from such attacks as well as developing their own ATL technology.

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