Ancient History

The Universe is created by the event which mostly referred as the Big Bang and the Dawn of Creation

257 Million B.C.

  • Triassic Era: A community of amphibios species beginning to develop early signs of intelligence, creating primitive tools and living in the shallow regions for safe havens.

238 Million B.C.

  • The Continents of ancient Earth form, creating a super continent known as Pangea. Which by the the early ancestors of the Sha'dahls would fully adapt to land as their ancestral seas and create small tribes and learn their environments of food, resourses and predators.

65 Million B.C.

  • A meteor comes straight towards the sol system, the Sha'dahls return to their ancestral homeworld to move as many species to a suitable planet, one of them would be Tyrannus.
  • One of these saurion species somehow survived and took refuge to the subterranean region beneath the planet's surface.

10 Million B.C.

  • The Sha'dahl Empire is founded.

5 Million B.C.

  • The Babylon Gate network is discovered throughout the Milky Way and the Tower of Babel was built on Earth without the Sha'dahls knowing it.

1.9 Million B.C.

  • The Elementals completely evolved into non-corporal beings, divided into four races by a four planets within the Illuminus system: Terra Sapius, Aqua, Pyrus Jinruu, and the Hewa.
  • The U'mmit would eventually become a spacefaring race and expand their empire throughout the Acterus System. 

1 Million B.C.

  • A war within the Adnromeda galaxy between the Gate Builders and the U'mmit broke out over their need to rule the galaxy and enslavement of other species. Following them through the Babylon Gate Network to the Milky Way and carefully conqoured several planets for outposts and new resources to exploit, after finding Earth with one of the Towers they exploited the species and transplanted serveral of them on the planets.
  • The Thihilem Republic is founded.


960,000 B.C.

  • The Elemental Ascendance is founded.

100,000 B.C.

  • The U'mmit War occures when the U'mmit Imperium launch an invasion upon the Milky Way.
  • The Thihilem Republic, Elemental Ascendance and the Sha'dahl Empire form an alliance.

999,800 B.C.

  • The U'mmit War ends to the Three Nation Alliance's victory.

40,000 B.C.

  • Unknown event occured in this periodic episode which is known as the Void Era by the four races of Earth, except the majority of the Humans in the modern era. Great empires collapse, reducing the races back to the stone ages after centuries of war, eventually blaming one another for their own downfall.

Modern History

1st Century

  • Birth of Cristianity

17 century

  • Anakadian military ship Blasing Hao crash unknowingly jumps into the Sol System after a blind jump through hyperspace from battle with the persueing Zon Ghoul warship, both ships crash land in the island country of Japan.

20 Century

  • First World War
  • Second World War

21st Century

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