"I'm in this fight because I want to. Maybe until shit hits the fan, but how far away is that?" -Holly Cross

Holly Cross is a high-ranking member of the Resistance and friend of Chase Osborn. Despite experiencing many dark and traumatic events in her life she maintains some optimism in her efforts with the Resistance. Her driving force is to avenge her brother Matthew, who was killed during World War 3. As a former mercenary herself she has many connections, shady or benign, and like Chase she maintains a moral compass which guides her actions throughout the series.

Personality and traits

Holly is witty and humorous, even in the face of danger. According to her it helps lighten the mood considering that they live in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. Outside of danger she is compassionate, strong and independent. In serious situations she is focused but casual. Deep down, she has a lingering sense of anger and vengeance, which stemmed from Matthew's death. She hopes that, by achieving peace in Neomerica, she will avenge her brother. She cares for her friends and allies, and has a budding attraction to Chase.

In combat, Holly is very skilled with all kinds of weapons. She prefers two Desert Eagles, which were parting gifts from her brother.

Holly has black hair with streaks of pink, tied up in a spiky ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a pocketed vest with a sweater underneath, leggings and boots.

Recently, she had been diagnosed as a Class 1 Psionic, which allowed her minor precognitive and extrasensory skills.

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