Home Star System is the un-official name of the planetary system featured in the television series Redshift.

It is a system of three stars, a G-type yellow dwarf, a K-type orange dwarf and a M-type red dwarf, the G and K stars are an opposing binary pair while the red dwarf is an outlier located on the edge of the system orbiting the G and K stars.

Altogether the trinary system boasts many planets, numerous moons and small planetoids.

Alpha Star (G2V yellow dwarf) 10 planets- Borek, 3 close worlds: Hot Mars world like Lok with a space station like SW, Arena world, Crose V, sister world VI, 5 moons, Nexus station, asteroid field, Pylltumm- Neptune like, Vos habitable earth-sized moon, mount rushmore moons, 1 class J gas giant- red, 1 class J gas giant- modestly sized hydrogen-helium gas giant with traces of sulphur and chlorine causing a striking yellow-green tint. - The Library of Knowledge, ice planet, green world. long-period eccentric comet.

Beta Star (K3V orange dwarf) 10 planets -  brown desert world with orbital graveyard, Ultima Thule. 2 asteroid belts (inner/outer)

Delta Star (M1V red dwarf) - no planets, Seraph artifacts: Star Maker, 100 sq. km ship.

S1- earth-like pair of worlds. capital city. mining catacombs. orbit.

S2- use wormhole network to explore.

S3- on the royal homeworld

S4- race: hideout, arena world, raceway- CROSE/ASTEROID FIELD/PYLLTUMM.

S5-desert planet to mine.

S6- wonders of the galaxy

S7- Ultima Thule.

S8- black hole space station, supernova planet.

Kessel, prison world

Kothlis, tropical world

Presfsbelt IV, silver terrain and extended atmo

destroyed worlds, STSU

Daystrom Proving Grounds



power of a binary star

crystal pits

Ringed planet in BSG, above moon of rocky world,

Hades Nebula


Tiamat Comet

Ice field

Tyllium refinery

Water world

Oort cloud/asteroid field

golem 5

Eos-mineral rich volcanic world

Lok-Mars-like world with 2 moons

Asteroid field.

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