The Homicide Investigation Service (HIS) is an interspecies organisation in Alienation which practises the investigation of homicides against members of the species that help make up the organisation.




Case Ranking

Example: HIS/RD/KELEK/Z8/4287

  • HIS: Homicide Investigation Service - The organisation's name abbreviated, standard in all legal documentation.
  • RD: Reptiloid - The division (species) investigating the homicide reduced to one or two letters if possible, or under a joint effort it is the species of the individual leading the investigation.
  • KELEK: Kelek - The planet involved in the investigation, abbreviation is only necessary if the planet's full name is over 6 characters in length.
  • Z8: Common individual(s), multiple related homicides between 11 and 100 and contained to a local complex - See Homicide Ranking for more details.
  • 4287: 4,287th case - The case number relative to the planet in question and the severity of the crime.

Homicide Ranking

The homicide ranking has two forms of classification:

  • The value of the victim(s) in question.
  • The number of victims involved or the scale of the case.

Victim values:

  • X: High-value victim
  • Y: Uncommon victim
  • Z: Common victim

Scale of homicide:

  • 0: Planetary-wide massacre
  • 1: Region-wide massacre
  • 2: Large-scale, urban massacre
  • 3: Mid-scale, urban massacre
  • 4: Small-scale, urban massacre
  • 5: Localised massacre, over 500 individuals
  • 6: Localised massacre, between 101 and 500 individuals
  • 7: Localised massacre, between 11 and 100 individuals
  • 8: Multiple homicides, between 2 and 10 individuals
  • 9: Single homicide

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