Motto More implacable than the sea
Founding antiquity
House seat Khet-Shiar, Xaron
Reigning title King

House Shiar was the ruling house of the Kingdom of Shiar. The great house was one of the wealthiest and most powerful houses in the Holy Xaronese Empire. House Shiar was notable the heavy influence it had over the Imperial Xaronese Navy. 


  • King Rojixus I the Wolf
  • King Ulrixus IV Bluefang
  • King Fenrixus VII the Ruthless
  • King Ludovixus VI the Mad
  • King Alarixus the Great
  • King Rojixus IX Devil Fang
  • Prince Seijixus e Rojixus e Haakonaxus tal Shiar
  • Princess Karaxa zi Carolexus e Sokarixus tal Vossik-Shiar
  • Prince Thraxus e Seijixus e Craxis tal Shiar
  • Princess Myrexa zi Straxus e Tybrexus tal Solon-Shiar
  • Prince Rojixus e Thraxus e Seijixus tal Shiar
  • Princess Xentrixa zi Solixus e Ganjiaxes tal Xaron-Shiar
  • Prince Craxis e Thraxus e Seijixus tal Shiar
  • Prince Seijixus e Thraxus e Seijixus tal Shiar
  • Prince Solixus e Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar
  • Prince Ulrixus e Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar
  • Prince Fenrixus e Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar

Cadet Branches

  • House Kedon
  • House Hakkan
  • House Ulquill
  • House Fenric
  • House Androkar

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