Hyper Bulk Space is a higher dimensional space that is the birthplace and deathplace of all known universes, an infinite number of universes exist within Hyper Bulk Space, and countless others have come and gone. Even though the Collective and the Precursors are long gone, their abandon structures remain scattered throughout Hyper Bulk Space.


  • It is known that the Collective universe no longer exist, but two well document ones Mu 14 and Mu 16, are believed to be where the Collective are from.
  • It is unknown what universe the Precursors come from, the Collective have no record of their universe, it has been speculated that they come from one of the first universes to exist.

Known Universes

  1. Nu 15
  2. Nu 17
  3. Nu 18
  4. U 20
  5. U 22
  6. U 23
  7. NU 17


  1. The Collective (extinct, but rumored to still exist)
  2. The Precursors (extinct, but rumored to still exist)

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