The I.G.A (InterGalactic Alliance) Is a Intergalactic Alliance Headed by an Elite council of 5 people from Earth it is Dominated by Humans, Humanoids, and Mammals.

Geography and Population

The IGA Rules over 10 Galaxies. The Milky Way, Elasei, Invird, Tiurty, Linngbong, Binmmy, Unibv, Vinstav, Kingo, and Quoieat. Earth is the Capital and it has been for 1200 years since the IGA Was founded in 1991 (Earth Years) by 2123 Earth Was completely Enveloped in Urban Terrain it was a city covering the whole Planet, Citizens chose Ground Wheel driven Vehicles or Hovercars. To further fix the population more room up, Folded space was created it allows 5 trillion people to live in an area the size of a keyboard as a result the population of the Planet Earth alone reached up to 674 Quadrillion people, while all of the IGA Scientists and Census takers list as Infinte because it is next to impossible to count


The IGA Was founded in 1991 (Earth Years) by a man named Robert E. Albert who was determined to unite the Earth, and he did it, but the Countries wanted some old ways, so Each Old Country was turned into a new Province (Mexico into the Mexican Province, Cuba in the Cuban Province and so on) with its old capital and own laws, Each Planet the IGA Controls has its own Provinces. The IGA went on to take over the Milky way in 1998 but Robert died in 2001 at age 97. The IGA took over the Milky way in 2007 and went on to get the Other surrounding nine galaxies, but it took untill 2056 for that to happen. then the IGA Began construction on a big set of Halo Rings to surround the IGA and its territory and they were completed in 2089. The IGa then laid quiet, Humans laid low quiet, and peaceful for 700 years until 2791 when a small alien race known as "Gnomes" appeared outside of the Halo Rings as Refugees the IGA Toook them in but soon saw and fired upon the ships of a Lizard like species knwon as "Jumingings" the great Galactic war was on. but in 2813 the Jumingings surrendered and the war was won the IGa has been quiet after that and allowed Gnomes to live with them inside the Halo Rings

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