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In 2392, an unidentified celestial object briefly designated 2391 PL21.


In July 2391, a blueshifted object moving at 10% of the speed of light toward the general direction of the solar system was detected by advanced telescopes located in the vacinity of the planet Neptune.
The object was thought to be a high-velocity interstellar comet but upon closer examination from a satellite launced from Triton. The object was largely metallic in makeup and capsular in shape.
A month later in late February 2392, the object passed within the orbit of Mars and clearly imaged to be, by some experts accounts. A vessel of alien origin. It's ultimate destination was redefined as being, the Earth.
Five days had passed and 2391 PL21 stalled in Low-Earth orbit.



The starship is named after the Middle Eastern explorer Ibn Battuta.

The Final Reveal

It is revealed at the end of the sixth season, that the Ibn Battuta, long thought to have been an ancient alien starship is actually a human starship from several millenia in the future. The ship and its crew were catapulted into the past via a space-time anamoly, the ship was left adrift near the Solar System. The ship's crew had been dead for thousands of years as the biotech FTL engines finally healed and restarted an emergency jump to Earth. The ship was classified as being an Out-of-Place-Object and its origin point was discovered via a "recall" button. Hence the mission getting underway and the ship being launched and much of modern tech being derived from the ship. The ship is also discovered to be a planet killer weapon capable of destroying whole solar systems or even creating proto-planetary conditions. As the mission continued to the Library, tons of shattered planets were discovered and the remnants of long dead civilizations.

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