The IceFox Rebellion was a rebellion against the Solar Republic that lasted five years. It was caused because the Solar Republic wasn't paying attention to the outer planets and dwarf planets.


Haumea, were the rebellion started.


Start of Rebellion

The rebellion originated on the tiny dwarf planet of Haumea. It was started by a group of miners that didn't like how the Solar Republic taxed them heavily and didn't invest back. President Oscar Chemp assured the public that the local garrisons would put down the rebellion quickly, but the either the miners quickly defeated the garrison or the garrison had joined the rebellion. The rebellion spread to the dwarf planets of Makemake and Eris and they all managed to throw out their governments and they united under a group called the IceFox.


The Solar Republic sent a fleet of warships with drop ships to deal with the rebellion. Their superior forces swiftly crushed the IceFox's ragtag fleet. Admiral Seth Kon, who was in charge of the Solar Republic fleet, settled his fleet into orbit around Haumea and prepared for invasion. He was so sure he would win that he had all laser cannons on all ships powered down. Earlier, IceFox had confinstated several anti-air cannons and aimed it at the fleet in orbit. They quickly surprised and sliced through the fleet in orbit, sending deadly fighters to finish off the rest.

Independence of Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus

Battle of Kraken

Rogue Union

Exodus of Saturn and it's Moons

The Himbons to the Rescue

Battle of Terra


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