90377 Sedna, the home of the Ice Demons.

The Ice Demons are a race of humanoids with bodies appearing to be made entirely of ice. Their homeworld is 90377 Sedna, a trans-Neptunian object about 3 times as far from the Sun than Neptune.


Male Ice Demon names start with the letter Y and end with the letter N, and contain exactly 6 letters, as in Yiddin, Yakoun, and Yidian. Female Ice Demons usually have names starting in G and ending in K, with 9 letters, e.g. Ginagoulk.


They have a planetary anthem, a rock song called 10,000 Stars. The lyrics are as follows.

Ice Demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ice Demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more goddamn day when we know what we want

And our want will be considered tonight, considered tonight!!! Just another day when all that we want Will mark us as sinners tonight, we're sinners tonight, yeah!!!

[Chorus] People can no longer cover their eyes If this disturbs you then fly away You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of Ten Thousand stars in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Power un-restrained dead on the mark Is what we will deliver tonight, deliver tonight Pleasure fused with pain this triumph of the Sun will make you shiver tonight, will make you shiver tonight, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are the ones that will open your mind Leave the weak and the haunted behind [4x]


Ten Thousand stars in the sky Ten Thousand stars in the sky

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