The Ilaen are a collection of alien races from another dimension who revere the Luni as godlike artifacts. Most of the races that are part of the Ilaen are engineered creatures, held together under the Valkazar's telepathic influence.


The Ilaen are composed of multiple alien races, all under the hive mind of their leader, Valkazar. The Ilaen possess advanced bioengineering capabilites (derived from the Luni), all of their technology is organic and biological in nature. The Ilaen desire peace, but their conflict with ther ravenous Vore forced them to adapt and become more aggressive.


The Ilaen are organized in different castes, each serving a specialized function in their community.

  1. Valkazar: The supreme leader. Donor of genetic sequences to lower castes.
  2. Overseers: Psionic conduits, amplifying Valkazar's telepathic network to all Ilaen.
  3. Intellects: A variant of the overseers who assist Valkazar in scientific projects.
  4. Strategists: Another overseer strain which is responsible for commanding battles.
  5. Colossi: Large cycloptic creatures used for heavy assault.
  6. Devisers: Military engineers who handle engineered weapons and war beasts.
  7. Belligerents: Basic soldiers, equipped with arm-mounted spine launchers.
  8. Ordinarians: Middle-class creatures who assist higher castes. Tend to have mutliple professions.
  9. Squires: A relatively recent strain of ordinarian who assists soldiers.
  10. Drudges: Variation of ordinarian, the lowest castes and used for menial labor.

The ordinarian caste is the closest to the original base forms from which the Valkazar derives most of the castes from. Overseers and their strains are more derived from his own genes, while the military force is more chimeric and engineered in terms of their genetic structure.

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