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Darlan Referum
Biographical information



Unknown, between 2325 -- 2340


April 18, 2414, above Burgruda IV

Physical description





6 foot 3 (6' 3")

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Imperial Admiral Darlan Referum was a high-ranking officer of the Imperial Navy of the Unity, one of the nine Imperial Admirals that was in service during the First and Second Great Wars. Though his birthdate, birthplace, and exact age were unknown to the intelligence offices of the United Earth Government at the time of his death, he was suspected to have been born between 2325 and 2340, in one of the Unity's innermost planets. As Nitomians age slower than humans, his "human" age at his death could be estimated to be about 50.

Referum was known for his tactical skill and daring, his strategic initiative, and his overall excellent combat record, both as a soldier and as a commander. Referum is often recognized as one of the most skilled commanders in the Imperial Navy in the early 25th century. At the time of his death, Referum was among the most prestigious of all Imperial Admirals, and his end caused a great blow to the morale of the Unity and damaged its war effort.

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