Sayun Ta'acun
Biographical information



Around 2124



Physical description





6 foot 5 (6' 5")

Hair color


Eye color

Dark brown

Chronological and political information

Imperial Admiral Sayun Ta'acun was one of the nine contemporary imperial admirals that served with the Imperial Navy of the Unity, from his promotion to the rank in 2197 to his death in 2227. Though little is known about him outside of the Unity - and particularly in human space - it is widely accepted that he was the greatest admiral of all time, being a highly skilled tactician, strategist, and fighter of both the navy and the army, having gone his entire life without a single defeat. His ability to hammer out victory after victory with smaller forces than the enemy, along with his incomparable combat record, usually has him compared to as the "Alexander the Great" of the Unity.

Ta'acun was born around 2124 on Nitomia, the son of a mid-ranking army officer. Instead of joining the army - as his father wished for him - his insatiable thirst for exploration brought him to join the navy instead. Showing an unusual prowess for leadership, charisma, and tactics, he was quickly promoted to Fleet Admiral by 2189, where he then led several campaigns - with inferior numbers and inexperienced ships and soldiers - against neighboring states, which he easily crushed almost without effort. From there he became a military governor, ruling effectively as an administrator over several systems, before crushing a rebellion by an indigenous population on one planet and then being promoted to Imperial Admiral in 2197. From there he led massive campaigns against what was then the Unity's arch enemy, the Urilian Empire, in the War of the Yellow Cluster. These campaigns - with what were some of the largest fleets of Unity vessels ever assembled up to that time - broke the back of Urilian power and influence and earned Ta'acun great acclaim throughout the Unity. His victory at Zharrus is often claimed to be one of the largest and most important battles in galactic history.

His power and influence continued to grow, both with the support from his own subordinate officers and men, and the people of the Unity itself. However, his life was taken by an assassin while on leave in Imperial City in 2227; while official reports claim it was a rogue murderer, many believe it was the work of the Unity's own Council, who feared his rising power and influence would affect the rule of the government.

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