Indian Federation
भारतीय संघ
Bhāratīya Saṅgha
The location of Indian Federation
Capital New Delhi 33,607,143 inh. (metro)
Largest City New Kolkata
(New Calcutta) 69,003,598 inh. (metro)
Official Language English and Hindustani
Goverment Type
- Prime minister:
-Bagha Patil
-Administration of Bangladesh
Area 3,434,833 km2
Population 2,070,348,000 inh
GDP ₡74.2 trillion (3rd)
HDI 0.810
HDI Rank 33rd
Currency Credit ₡, Indian Rupee
Demonym Indian
Administrative Divisions
37 states
17 districts
6 republics
Religion 65% Atheism
Armed Forces 100,000. See UN Army

Despite relative poverty and environmental hardships, the Indian Federation has gone on to benefit what is collectively the world’s largest population of almost two and a half billion people. Although theoretically all of an equal standing within the Federation, India is clearly the centre of gravity, home to over two thirds of the population and generator of almost all the GDP, higher than that of the USA since 2074. Although extreme inequality in wealth persists, the region has massively improved its standard of living overall due to a fair democracy and the development of an industrialised economy. It remains the source of much of the world’s cheap labour (only beaten by the African Union in this regard) and is cramped and vibrant with a radically dynamic culture which has become a major export in its own right. It shared the Oriental Orbital Elevator System with China and the East Asian Association initially, but has since constructed its own orbital elevator in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2100. Good trade relationships are also maintained with China, Russia and elements of the East Asian Association. Despite the vast amount of trade that flows between the two countries, relations have grown increasingly competitive with China as India’s economy catches up. It is expected that by the early 2200s the economy of the Indian Federation will have become the world’s largest considering only Terran production, although its presence in space is dwarfed if compared with that of the other powers since making its economy still far from that of the Chinese.

Members: India, Sindh, Punjab, Pashtuntistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Beluchistan, and Sri Lanka

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