Indian Front
Date 7 Abril – 1 December 2038
Location Indian Subcontinent
Result Armistice between India and Pakistan.
Kashmir region is fully Indian.
745,000 men, 3,200 armored units
700 aircraft
3rd Fleet

Covenant (China & Pakistan):
659,250 men, 1,689 armored units
2,100 aircraft
Chinese 2nd fleet
Pakistani fleet
Military casualties:
62, 647 killed
Civilian Casualties:

Military casualties:91,100 killed Civilian Casualties:
6,100,000 killed

During WWIII, the Indian Front was a theater of war between the TTO powers and co-belligerent Pakistan and Iran against the Indian Federation and some other Allies which encompassed Northern, Southern Indian subcontinent, and forces in the Indian Ocean from 7 Abril – 1 December 2038. It was known by many different names depending on the nation, notably as the War over the Indus by Indians.
Indian tanks

Indian tanks gaining ground in Operation Shiva's Wrath

The battles on the Indian Front constituted the largest military confrontation during WWIII. They were characterized by massive sea and land troops mobilization and the use of nuclear warheads on the civilian population. Of the estimated 23 million deaths attributed to World War III, over 10 million, many of them civilians, died on the Indian Front. It resulted in the dissolution of the State of Pakistan, the annexation of the Punjab and of Kashmir to the Indian Federation and the restoration of the Indus Valley Agreements.

The two principal belligerent powers were the Indian Federation and Pakistan, along with their respective allies. The Sino-Indian Himalayan War may be considered the northern flank of the Indian Front. In addition, the joint Indian–American operations all over the Indian Ocean are also considered part of this front.

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