Inter-Universal Portals
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Abbreviations: IU portals, IUPs
Function: Usable as quick transport
between universes
Origin: Unknown
Diameter: Variable
Weight: Unknown
Colour: Cyan/White (centre),
blue (periphery)
Stability: Unknown/Variable

Inter-universal portals (IUPs) appear to be a theoretical hole in reality, which connects to other unvierses, and allows anything passing through to be instantly transported to their destination. They are not be confused with their similar counterparts: Intra-universal portals (also known as wormholes).


The appearance of the inter-universal portals is a shade of blue on the periphery, where it changes colour to cyan getting closer to the centre, and directly at the centre point it is white in colour, but is exceptionally small, especially (paradoxically) in larger inter-universal portals. This colouration may be present due to the masses of energy consumed in its attempt to keep together.

When gravity is not present, the portal is almost perfectly circular, in the presence of gravity and other forces, it can become different shapes, such as eliptical, but this can effect its stability. The portal is very thin as it cannot be seen from the side, it is also impossible to see, or even interact with, it from behind. Whatever the shape of the portal. they are generally a swirling mass towards their centre point.


The energy is drawn from the surrounding environment of the IU Portals, which is why the temperature around them is far lower and the local area is far drier than further away. The larger portals can begin to disintegrate local or even large regions before pulling in the dust, however, this only occurs after prolonged exposure. Larger portals are generally far less stable and will consume far more energy to keep themselves intact, which will drain their surrounding far more rapidly.

Travelling through any portal requires energy, but usually not much as the majority of the energy is already being drawn in, however larger objects will require more energy to travel through. If an object appears to large to fit through an IU Portal, the portal is capable of stretching beyond its normal parameters if it has sufficient stability, however, this is an immensely energy-costly action that can also easily collapse a portal. In the event a portal does collapse, the link between the two ends is severed, separating anything maneuvering through the portal and the energy previously drawn into the portal is released, leading to a shockwave or, with larger portals, an implosion.

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