Isolisium is a chemical element with atomic number 18s, symbol Fo. It is the only substance known to be hazardous and inert at the same time. Because of its inert nature it is frequently used as an inert medium for various industrial processes.



At standard room temperature and pressure, isolisium is a green translucent liquid. It boils at 330.45 K (57.30°C, 135.14 °F) and freeze at 269.59 K (−3.56 °C, −25.59 °F).

Isolisium can dissolve keratin, phospholipids and other surfactants as it develops a non polar half and a polar half when placed in electric fields, an artifact of its m charge.


Despite its inertness, isolisium has a number of known compounds. Most of them are halides.


Isolisium has 6 naturally occurring isotopes and 28 stable isotopes.

Occurrence and extraction

Isolisium is rare on Loonsiva. It is abundant on Foros as some occasional rivers flowing on its surface and is mainly extracted there.

Unlike other stutironic elements, isolisium is stable even in the standard universe.


Isolisium was not known to lodorians until the 28th century where wormholes were developed and the subsequent discovery of Foros.

Biological role

Isolisium has no known biological role.


Elemental isolisium

As an inert medium for some hazardous industrial process

As a solvent for dissolving and separating surfactants.

Isolisium compounds

With the exception of isolisium tetrachloride (FoCl4), which is used as a chlorinating agent, other isolisium compounds decompose at room temperature and uses are limited to research.

Safety and precautions

Since isolisium dissolves keratin and phospholipids it can create openings in the skin which is susceptible to infections. Large amount of isolisium can potentially dissolve an entire organism, killing it in the process. Thus isolisium is considered corrosive and toxic and plastic gloves must be used when handling isolisium. Temperatures must be below -20°C to minimize the evaporation of isolisium and the possibility of inhaling its vapor.

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