Jocelyn Maria Ramirez (born January 31, 2009) is an American nuclear physicist, NASA astronaut and Wanderer chief engineer.

Background and career information

Ramirez was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in the unincorporated area nearby known as East Los Angeles, she was the youngest of three children. At a very young age, her father inspired her to explore the world around her by taking her to the California Science Center, Exposition Park, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the Griffith Observatory.

By the time she was twelve, she had decided to become a scientist but it would take five years before she settled her mind on becoming a theoretical physicist. She was encouraged by her mother to nevertheless be a champion to help bring women into that area of science.

In 2035, she wrote her doctoral thesis paper on a hypothetical interplanetary mission across the Solar System using a new type of Thorium-based nuclear reactor. This paper was seen by billionaire Doug Dykstra and his partner Richard Castillo, who had been searching for individuals with diverse backgrounds to join their company, the paper presumably inspired them to pursue the Wanderer Interplanetary Express project.

She taught physics for five years at CalTech, before a few co-workers talked her into joining the NASA Astronaut Corps. At first, she laughed it off but ultimately decided to give it a shot. She became an astronaut candidate, she trained for two years and became one of seven finalists for NASA Astronaut Group in 2040.

Spaceflight experience

In 2041, she replaced an astronaut for a crew rotation to Neil A. Armstrong Lunar Outpost. She spent six months on the Moon doing research.

In 2042, she was selected by Vega Aerospace to participate in the Wanderer interplanetary mission and was soon selected to be its mission commander.


Coming from a devout Roman Catholic family, she had always been enveloped in the world of religion, however, she slowly transitioned out of it in favor of an agnostic view point. For the Wanderer mission, she decided to maintain her Catholicism as she was picked to represent that religion as well.

She is either a casual fan or hardcore fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. She loves listening to Classical music in lieu of Spanish music. In her free time, she writes poetry, she had been inspired to do so by a High School literature teacher. She also loves taking photos and she brought her newest Canon camera on the Wanderer. She is unmarried and takes a rather asexual stance toward sexuality.

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