Kadeen "Deen" Nejad is a British astronaut, currently serving as the Wanderer's Botanist.

Background and career information

Nejad was born in Manchester, England, the middle child of his family. He attended the University of Birmingham at the age of 16 and acquired his first doctorate in biology at age 20 and acquired a second doctorate in botany at age 22. Nejad successfully petitioned himself into the WSC selection process and was selected as the Wanderer's botanist.


Nejad takes a liking to gardening and photography. He also has an admittedly strange fashion with collecting coins. He prefers listening to hard metal and classic rock. His idea of a strenuous activity also belongs to his interest in ping-pong. He has been classified by the media on Earth as a "neo-hippie." He is also the only member of the crew to be descended from Hindi parents, though he is a non-practicing Hindi.

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