None are as feared as the Kaigor, their incalculable size and strength are a defiance of nature herself.

The Kaigor are a race of gargantuan creatures from V'ran.


The Kaigor are the creations of a prehistoric advanced race, which died out a million years before the rise of other sentient species. Each individual Kaigor is different and unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Long after their masters' fall into oblivion, the Kaigor still persist around the planet, some dead, others dormant. Very few Kaigor are still active in the world, and most of the time they exist far away from civilizations (such as the deep ocean or the arctic regions). Nevertheless, an awakened Kaigor results in death and destruction.

Known individuals

  • Mal'zill: The most active of the Kaigor, known to attack and eradicate coastal settlements.
  • Vadil: The Kaigor who destroyed the Toroks.
  • Arkosor: A Kaigor that lived near the North Pole that guards the Underworld.
  • Draxis: The Winged Overlord, a highly-intelligent Kaigor who conquered the known world using his own created Kaigor, the Exomat:
    • Koros, Lord of Doom
    • Alathir, Lady of Darkness
    • Takushen, Ocean Fury
    • Daigor, Thunderfang
    • Xaroshi, Harbinger of Flame
    • Bouwan, Prince of Pestilence
    • Veero, Bloodfeaster
    • Za'zernn, The Tormentor
    • Salazam, King of Worms
    • Bruthago, Stonecrusher
    • Racha-Scorp, Venom Warden
    • Megon, Warrior of Carnage
    • Igomizer, Jungle Nemesis
    • Sykh, The Deceiver
    • Garuven, Insidious Night
    • Necrid, Titanic Sorcerer
    • Kerevo'thulu, Mindslayer
    • Yaimera, The Ravager
    • Yaticore, Apex Predator
    • Jiku-De-Zin, Swift Destruction
    • Cairin'Bokur, Hounds of Chaos
  • Behemoviathan: The largest known Kaigor, who is said to be as large as ten islands. Location unknown.
  • Lai-Kan-Dor: One of the oldest Kaigor, one of his mouths is the Shadowfall Crater.
  • Amulu: An aggregate Kaigor made up of tiny insect-like creatures, it lives under the Dune Bowl.
  • Nemuyara: A dormant Kaigor that sleeps in the distant island of Tiyaja, worshipped by a tribe of Dijou.
  • Cephagous: A particularly ravenous Kaigor with a hibernation cycle.
  • Chromalancer: An inactive Kaigor that lays comatose in a hidden cavern under Mount Brokniyo. Known and feared for his seven multi-colored heads.
  • Ur: The first Kaigor ever created.

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